Building Your Wedding Business Roadmap

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Does your wedding business need a roadmap? We can all spend a lot of time in the name of hustling on our businesses, but most of us simply don’t take action because we just don’t know where to start. We don’t want to waste our precious energy or time on doing the wrong thing.   That’s […]

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4 Secrets to No BS Viral Marketing

No BS Wedding Marketing

It’s not often I laugh out loud at ads, especially in my Facebook feed. But last week I came across a video ad that had me busting a gut. In fact, I immediately played the video for two other people, as delighted with the message as with the fine example of viral marketing. Uh, yeah. […]

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The Secret to Your Hidden Genius

Yesterday I spoke to a business coach who had NO IDEA what her genius is. When I asked about her business speciality, she said, “I’m a business coach for women who want to start a business.” BORING. Like most people, she was flummoxed about what she does really, really well — not to mention clueless […]

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3 Gifts For A Happy Wedding Business

Sometimes I treat my business like an old work horse. When things are going well, I keep pushing her. “C’mon, Bessie! Go, go, go!” When things aren’t going so well, I curse and swear and threaten to turn her in for a new model. In the toughest moments and the busiest times, it’s important to […]

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Are You the Payless of the Wedding Business?

How much would you pay for a $20 pair of shoes? Before you answer that question like a wise ass (Handsome Jeffrey!) check out this story. Payless Shoes, famous for their cheap footware, recently did an experiment. They rented out a former Armani storefront, stocked its shelves with $19.99 heels and $39.99 boots and set […]

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3 Needs of Couples You Can’t Ignore

This is a sponsored post. By Christine Dyer, Bridal Tweet Whether you are developing a website, advertisement, email, or Facebook post, it is critical that you tap into both the emotional and rational needs of engaged couples. The key is to understand what those needs are. For wedding marketing to be effective, I believe it […]

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Pricing psychology: Tricks so brides can’t say “no!”

Tricks so brides can't say "no!"

Pricing psychology is not a new phenomenon. In fact, even if you look at the words “pricing psychology” or “strategic pricing,” you intuitively know what it means. Overall, it’s a tactic that takes advantage of customers’ emotional responses to certain price points. Since you’re in the wedding business, you’ve seen more than one emotional response, […]

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