breaking-rulesYou can always do the same marketing as every other wedding business, or you can find a way to think outside the box and wow brides. Who said that brides want to see the same type of displays and ads for every business? Think about the bridal guides. Every wedding dress designer has photos of brides in variations of the same pose, and the back has honeymoon locations with ads which mirror each other.

You aren’t trying to fit in with other businesses, you are trying to stand out and tell a bride that she wants to choose YOU! One of the ways you can do this is to take the gift giving guide idea Don Crowthers wrote about in his article and turn it into a booklet of tips and tricks as well as a price package list for brides. Sure, a bride can get a countdown checklist for free from almost anyone, but what she really needs is ideas and tips, an “insider’s view” that will help her plan her wedding. What do you think?

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