phone on hand

When you are pitching your product or service it is easy to get caught up in telling people about it. Obviously this is important because if you don’t tell them about it, who will? But at the same time you may be losing sales by talking too much.

According to the article by Mike Brooks (author of The Real Secrets of the Top 20%: How To Double Your Income Selling Over the Phone) you need to make sure you a spending a large chunk of your time listening to your prospective client. They need to know that you are listening, and that what they feel and think is important to you. In fact, this may be the number one most important sales skill you learn.

When it comes to phone sales it becomes much too easy to just keep talking – especially since you can’t see the person on the other end. Mike recommends learning how to hit the mute button on your phone to make sure you don’t interrupt the potential client. This gives them time to speak, keeps you from saying anything, and will help with the turnaround rate for sales.

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