blogging wordEveryone who has a blog out there wants their blog to be read; they want to share that information with someone.  Who wants to spend all this time researching and writing and sharing for it to just disappear out into cyberspace to never be seen again?  Well…no one!

Usually the aim of a blog is to make money…one way or another that is the ultimate goal.  In order to do that, the design, content and MARKETING are the key factors the blog owner has to focus on.

I mentioned MARKETING, right?

After you’ve taken care of the design and content – the key points to focus on are broken down here – marketing is the next huge thing you’ve got to focus on.  You’ve got to get the word out; draw people in to your blog.

Once the readers are drawn in?  That’s where the making money comes in!  See how fantastic this can be??

Check out 21 Reworks to Achieve a Better Blog in 2011.  I guarantee I’ll be reading this one more than once!

What have you done to increase your blog traffic?

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