Work of Art

HuffPost today alerted me to a wedding portrait a bride’s mother had commissioned that, if you’re a pop culture/sci-fi geek, is pretty amazing.

It’s like a Where’s Waldo, or, if you prefer, a Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. I see Captain America! I see Jon Snow! I see Groot!

The painting was done by a Marvel artist, Scott Johnson, who is a high school friend of the bride’s mother. And that brings us to the most important key to success as a wedding pro: already be friends with famous people willing to help you. Easy game.

Failing that, I don’t think enough people recognize the value of eye candy in their wedding business. That’s a mistake, because weddings are all about beauty and opulence.

Your business should understand and reflect that. Here are some ways to make art work for you.

Your Website Should Be Purty.

I say again: this is an eye-candy business we are in. You don’t want your website to look like it could easily belong to an accountant or a patent attorney.

Think styles. Think patterns. Think beauty. Think what works for you and appeals to YOU aesthetically.

Research and do your homework regarding the nicest website themes – WordPress has about eleventy billion of them, and the good ones are just as functional as they are beautiful.

Every Wedding Professional Can Utilize Art.

Obviously, wedding professionals like florists and cake designers know that visuals are a big part of their game.

But you might think, as a wedding DJ for example, you have no need to beautify your business.

That’s where you’re wrong, bucko.

Let’s say you made – or got made for you – several different banners or “drapes” to hang over your DJ booth for the bride and groom to choose from. Who wouldn’t like that?

Wherever and whenever you are able to place art uniquely and eye-catchingly, don’t forget to feature it on all your social media platforms.

Think Colors.

There is a whole school of thought known as “color psychology” that studies the way different colors make people think and feel.

For example, red makes people think of “passion and gets blood pumping.” Green is restful. Blue is stable.

You can utilize these hints to both give your clients choices as to what is the right color message for their wedding, and to place your business in the right light and mood as you see fit.

Just never use grey. Seriously. Read that link to the bottom.

What are your best tips for how to incorporate art and beauty into your wedding business?