two ladies playing with pillowsYou might not like Google+ for business; in fact you might even hate it. Or you might have jumped on the bandwagon right away and love it to pieces. But like it or not, Google+ will do things for your search standings that nothing else can possibly accomplish. Getting used to any new platform takes time, but when it’s something that can benefit your business it’s better to start using it sooner than later.

Google+ is obviously connected to Google which means if you post an event, or have a business page on Google+ it will boost your ranking in search results. On top of that, Google+ was specifically designed to give you benefits that other social networks don’t have. For instance you can set up an online event and stream it live to your viewers directly through your Google+ page. How cool is that? On top of that +1ing something on Google plus will automatically show up in search results, meaning the more people who +1 you, the more people will know you are worth looking into. For more information on what Google+ can do check out this article by Aki Libo-on.

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