Why Bridal Show Marketing Doesn’t Work For You

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I was four years old the first time I was stung.  I was running barefoot through the grass and…yowsers!…stepped on a bee. For days I was terrified to go outside, convinced that I’d be stung again. But my mother promised that I wouldn’t get stung as long as I wore shoes.  Finally reassured, I pulled […]

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Bridal Lead Services: Are They a Waste of Money and Time?

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Question: What lead generation companies will provide worthwhile leads for us? “Hi Stephanie & Jeff, We have centered our marketing efforts around resellers, as in caterers, planners, etc. offering them preferred vendor status on our website, etc. in exchange for referrals and have found this to be, for the most part unproductive. Either those vendors […]

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How to Create an Automatic Response That Books Weddings

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Question: How should I respond to email leads when they ask for prices? “Thank you for sharing your videos about the automatic expert system. I would like to implement it in my business. I have a question though about brides that contact you directly (they don’t sign up for your newsletter or the bride “bribe”). […]

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6 Unconventional Ways to Book More Brides

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The wedding industry is a competitive one. You may find yourself scrambling to book brides and find new clients. What’s a wedding vendor to do? Nowadays, you’ve got to get creative. Here are a few slightly unconventional ways to get your name out there that are sure to have the brides fighting each other for […]

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