The 7 Deadly Networking Mistakes of Wedding Pros

I know you’re guilty.  I’ve seen you (or someone like you) committing these networking sins at every wedding professional mixer, wedding show and industry event. Don’t believe me?  Take heed of these common mistakes that can ruin your networking opportunities and cost you big time in lost referrals. Mistake #1 – Hanging out with your […]

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Should I Switch My e-Commerce Website to WordPress?

Should I Switch My e-Commerce Website to WordPress? “I heard you mention that it was best to have your website on  Do I need to make a switch over? What’s the benefit of doing this?  I read online that you can pay $12 for a custom domain? Does this then mean that the […]

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Why You Should Stop Buying Lead Lists

Guest post by Heidi Thompson Stephanie and Jeff have said it themselves – buying email lists for your wedding business is a craptastic idea. Buying an email list full of dead emails belonging to people who are probably not interested in you so that you can spam them is not good marketing. This is the sort […]

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How Do You Handle Brides Using FAKE Emails at Bridal Shows?

email symbol on row of colourful envelopes

“Couples get bombarded with literally thousands of emails from venues, florists, photographers, etc. after a bridal show.  So they’ve started giving fake email addresses when registering. How do you follow up with them when they won’t give you a real email address?” Be Cool, Be Smart and EARN a Response Pardon me for interrupting your […]

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Google’s New Update: Is Your Wedding Business At Risk?

Google Penguin

Big Changes (and a Penguin!) Are Coming to Google’s Search Engine Results Every business owner wants to see their company name on Page 1 of Google, and if you’re following best practices, Google’s new “Penguin” wants to help you get there too.  Learn more about the history of Penguin updates here. If you only read […]

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