How to Get More Bridal Leads With Your Website

money jar

When most of us put up our very first website, we treated it a like a fancy brochure.  Instead of printing up tons of print materials and postcards, we could simply tell people, “Go to to learn more about our business.” The problem with that is that the only people who visit are […]

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Does Your Business Make a Bad First Impression?

Heron with worm

Whether we like it or not, people have already formed an opinion of our wedding business. This opinion is based on assumptions, reputation, the way we dress, the way we speak, our website, logo…but mainly on that First Impression. They say that a first impression is formed within 30 seconds of exposure, and that we […]

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10 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Wedding Blog

Old Typewriter

I spoke to a wedding vendor the other day who just wrote his first blog post.  Hurrah! Sure, he was a little late jumping on the blogging band wagon, but he got started.  The trick will be…can he keep it going? The best way to stay excited about blogging is to see results: more website […]

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Playing Safe Can Be Dangerous For Your Wedding Business

Business proposal

Do you worry about turning Brides off with your marketing message? Let me throw you a curve ball on this sentiment.  You should turn some off..Seriously! Attracting the right clients should be what we shoot for in our marketing campaign.  In the process the “wrong” clients will look elsewhere. Unfortunately, most of us go with […]

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How to Get Brides to Book NOW

bride rubber shoes

You Got the Lead and the Meeting Went Great.  Now What? I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how to convert brides who are “on the burner” into booked weddings.  These are the brides we’ve already met or spoken to, they love what we do and booking should be a no brainer. Then…NOTHING.  They […]

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