Answers to Your Questions About the Automatic Expert System

  Since we started our new free video series a few weeks ago, we’ve been simply flooded with email questions about the Automatic Expert System! Since it would be nearly impossible to answer them all individually, I’ve put together our answers to the most frequently asked questions… What exactly IS this Automatic Expert System and […]

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“How Do I Get More Leads for My Wedding Business?”

It’s the #1 question of wedding vendors. We’re really good at what we do, but probably not quite so good at the marketing and selling part. Are you sick of dealing with “price shoppers”? Tired of calling and emailing brides to get NO RESPONSE? Frustrated with all the time you spend following up on leads […]

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Is Your Site Ready For The Unexpected?

In the every day we all have times that have crazy coincidences. Whether it is something as small as running into someone we knew years ago, or having a huge influx of customers in our store one day. The thing is that even though your website and blog are virtual they run a high chance […]

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How To Use QR Codes For Your Wedding Business

wedding cake

QR codes are those little square boxes of what looks like meaningless checkers of ink. The information stored in them however can be whatever the owner wants it to be. The QR code is a relatively new way of storing information in the US market and according to Jon Mitchell is primarily being used for […]

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Better Facebook Targeting By Zip Code

Bride & Groom

Nationwide marketing for your business initially sounds great until you realize that brides almost always end up buying locally. As a result you have probably already figured out that when you use Facebook ads you can choose the city or state that your business actually needs to target. Even better than using that targeting though […]

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Finding the Perks To Social Media Integration

bride and cp

The benefits of using Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks for marketing are rather obvious. But what about the option to allow users to connect their social media accounts to your blog or website? This is something that I am seeing more and more business use online. The benefits to doing this are huge when […]

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How To Do Effective Business Networking

Business networking can be fun, but it isn’t something that you do to just get to know the other professionals in your field. Good business networking is a mixture of building relationships and doing it in a way that will encourage sales either from those you network with, or from them giving out recommendations for […]

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