4 Tips For A Successful Wedding Business Relaunch

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Wedding Business Tips Relaunch You’ve just taken an extended break from your wedding business. Or maybe you moved to a new location, changed niches, or completely rebranded as a wedding pro. You’re ready to relaunch your wedding business, but your referrals have either dried up, or aren’t viable leads for your new circumstance. You’re feeling like you’re back at square

5 Steps to Landing Top Paying Wedding Clients

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If you are looking for an easy way to land top-paying clients, then you probably won’t land top-paying clients. It’s a hard truth but you need to hear it. The solution to landing top-paying wedding couples is simple, but it’s going to take hard, intentional work!  So often we find ourselves looking for the next quick fix to level up

Sick of Blogging With No Results? 3 Actions to Boost Your Wedding Lead Generation

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How to get more couples to your website so you can capture those leads Not sure how to get your site in front of more couples? You want to improve your wedding lead generation, so you’re doing the social media thing, writing blog posts, commenting in groups online – you seem to be working harder than ever, but you’re not

6 Embarrassing Reasons the Bride Blew You Off

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How do you get brides to respond? Here’s the all too frequent scenario:     Bride (or groom) emails you asking for your “prices and packages.”     You respond promptly with your best professional response and…     NOTHIN’. (Insert cricket sounds here.) What the heck is going on? They emailed YOU for information, which means they must be interested. Right? What

How Can I Get Leads When I’m New to the Wedding Business?

It can be a bit intimidating when you’re passionate about your wedding business, but you have no idea how to get wedding leads. We all start off brand new. No experience, no reputation, no referrals. But no worries! We’ll show you exactly how to get wedding leads that will start your business off on the right foot. If you’ve got

How to Book Weddings With Instagram

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“Can Instagram really work for my wedding business?” Sometimes it’s hard to know how to book weddings with Instagram – land of the beautiful selfies and perfectly curated feeds. It can feel pretty intimidating. But when you run a wedding business, there are some pretty compelling stats that might make you want to dig into this social platform a bit

What to Say When Following Up with Brides

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As a wedding vendor, you have leads coming in from bridal shows, referrals, social media, and website forms. The question arises, what do you say when it comes time to follow up? Here are a few tips to use when planning your method of reaching out to your potential clients: 1. Make it personal – Use their name As easy

How Many Times Do You Contact a Bride Before You Stop?

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“It’s very frustrating to be hung up on when I call, or to receive a nasty e-mail telling me to stop e-mailing, when they are the ones who contacted me in the first place and all I am trying to do is follow up with them. Why is it so hard for the bride to let me know she went

SEO Tips from a Destination Wedding Photographer

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Guest Post by Misti Marquette Cooke. This is a completely real and honest post about what I’ve learned about SEO and marketing our destination photography business from Mexico.  For many photographers, we get our first camera and think that once we learn how to use it correctly, we’ll have a cash cow on our hands! It might seem that all

Why I Finally Decided To Hire An SEO Professional

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After taking Book More Brides’ blogging course and learning tons of SEO tricks and tips, I patiently waited for my Google rank to improve…but there I sat on page 8 for freakin’ ever. They taught us that we should not expect overnight results, but, after a year, and knowing I was doing so many things better than the sites ahead