wedding with flower

There are a million ways to improve your wedding business. However realize that each time you change the format of your website, change your email newsletters, change your business cards, etc. you are actually re-branding your business. This can be a really good thing if your business really needs it, but it can also be a bad thing if you are doing it continuously just because you feel like it.

There is a need for creativity, but make sure you are pacing yourself and your business. So is there a way to know when your business really does need a facelift and needs re-branded? Absolutely! In fact Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros does a great job of summing it up in his list. The top reason for needing to update your business is because you aren’t drawing in clients, or you’re drawing in the wrong clients. If that’s where you are then this is the time to rethink your business design and come up with a new look and plan. What do you think?

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