Or at least add to it a little bit.

I am a to-do list FREAK.  FREAK.  I live my life by a to-do list!  Work, home, play.  You name it; it’s on a list.  I’m addicted to that sense of accomplishment I have when I see everything checked off on a to-do list.

to do list

But let’s face it.  How many of us ever get our entire to-do list completed?  I know I never do. In fact, it seems like every time I check something off, another thing gets added.  It’s never-ending.

So this blog here, Kill Your To-Do List, makes a cool new suggestion.  Make a Single Day Schedule.  Instead of listing everything in the world you need to get one, schedule out the tasks you absolutely can complete in a day.

It shows you how to allot time for each of your tasks, what tasks to work on and when.  Very, very cool – and might be a lot less stressful to look at, too!  Check it out!  I know I definitely will be giving it a try.

What have you done to make your to-do list more manageable?

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