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Are you on track with the goals you set for this year? 

It’s already halfway through the year, but if you are like many wedding pros you probably haven’t looked at your goals since you set them in January. Now with wedding season in full swing you just haven’t had time to catch up.

Don’t worry, it’s not too late: here are 5 articles that will help you get back on track:

Got Goals? Take Advice From a Hobbit

When you look at your goal list do you feel overwhelmed and think ‘how will I ever get there?’ Check out this proven recipe for fast action to keep you motivated.

Hugh Jackman and My Wedding Business Mid-Life Crisis

Are you feeling burnt out and just don’t have the passion for your wedding business the way you used to? Find out the clear way to make sure you are headed in the right direction with your goals.

How to Stay on Track When Life Gets in the Way

Are you balancing kids,  a job and your wedding business? Learn 3 tips to make your business a priority and keep on track with your business goals.

Dump Your Resolutions and Change Your Life With These Three Strategies Instead

Have your New Year’s resolutions fallen by the wayside? It may be time to dump the resolutions and start a new strategy for goal setting – one that actually works. Learn the 3 strategies that will help you set yourself up for success.

My New Year’s Resolution Rant and the Ultimate Scenario

Find out why resolutions don’t work and how to create an Ultimate Scenario now to ensure you achieve your yearly wedding business goals.

How are you doing with your wedding business goals this year?

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