window shopping

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what it is that makes a bride choose one business over another. On an even closer to home front, it can also be hard to figure out why brides repeatedly pick one package deal over another within the same business.

When you see a trend in the way that bride’s buy from you track it. Not just so you can offer one package as the “popular option” but also so you can figure out how to upsell your products and services. Every business wants to sell their higher end packages. Sometimes creating a new package full of all the bride favorites in a higher end package is all it takes. At other times you simply need to re-think the order that you list package deals according to Brian McGovern on his blog.

Don’t ever just assume that because no one is buying your high end product that means that they aren’t interested in the product. In fact they might just choose something else because it was the first thing they saw, making them emotionally attached to it. Have you ever played with the order your wedding business package deals are listed and if so, what have the results been?

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