don't be afraid to failure

Question: “I’ve tried everything to fix my wedding business and nothing works.  What should I do?”

Let’s just get this out of the way right now: you’re full of crap.

There are two possibilities:

#1 – You’re right.  Your failure is complete and you might as well get out of the way for someone else because there is no hope.

#2 – You’re full of shit.  

If you actually tried everything…you’ve travelled to the distant Himalayas to consult the monks, you’re prayed to the patron saint of prosperity in Rome, you’ve hired every high-end business consultant out there (wow!  you must have a lot of dough) and you even went to the Philippines to have a psychic healer pull chicken innards from your gut to prove that the negative energy has been removed from your body.

I guess it’s pretty clear to both of us that the only real answer here is #2.  You’re full of shit.

You haven’t tried everything.

Unfortunately, there is no one person who has every answer for your business.  You’re going to have to find those for yourself.

The good news is that there’s never been a better time in history than RIGHT NOW to find the information that can help you.

Every 60 seconds 72 hours of YouTube videos are uploaded, 571 new websites are created and 347 blog posts are published. – 60 seconds on the internet infographic

There are literally thousands of people succeeding in what you want to do.  Maybe you could get one of them to talk to you about what they did?

As Tony Robbins says, “Success leaves clues.”

But here’s the catch: there are a million great ideas out there, but you are going to actually take action to make that idea work.  Finding out what works is just the beginning.

Let’s face it, if you were telling the truth it would take a million lifetimes to try everything and see if it works.  So you tried a couple things and it didn’t work right away, so you gave up.

The reason most wedding pros fail is because they quit too soon.

See what I did there?  That’s me showing you my tough love.

Go ahead; give it back to me.

What do you think?

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