According to the blog, This Year You Must Take Your Vacation, 66% of all workers did NOT take all of their vacation time last year.

Yes, in this economy it’s understandable that you would rather be at work than not working at all.  Maybe if you kill yourself on the job, you’ll book more weddings than your competitors. Right?

Not necessarily.  Companies give vacation time for a reason.vacation on the beach

A burnt-out, exhausted employee does them no good. At All.  Think about it – how clear headed are you after 2 hours of sleep?  But after 8 hours?  You can knock ‘em dead.

Same premise here.  Speaking for myself, I know that I am MUCH more productive and come up with my best ideas after having been on vacation or after a few days off versus on, say, a Friday even.

So be a smart Boss and give yourself a vacation…even if it’s a Friday and a Monday to make for a long weekend.  And even if we’re all too broke to take a cruise to the Caribbean…a vacation doesn’t have to mean sun, sand and fruity drinks with umbrellas.  It could simply mean a few days of Lifetime Movie Network or hiking trails at the local park.

To be truly productive at your job or business, one must take time away.  Recharge your batteries and reap the rewards!

What do you like to do to recharge your batteries?

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