hammock on the shore

In my business I typically have a million things going on at once. As a result any time my body decides I need a break I tend to overreact and get stressed, which I might point out just contributes to the problem. The temptation to just keep going, regardless of whether I’m sick or just plain old tired sometimes wins out, and boy let me tell you, it is so not worth it!

Every person has limits built in to their body. When you consistently push past those limits you might see some good results, at first. However as time goes on you aren’t giving your mind or body the time to heal itself through rest. Work starts feeling harder and you’ll find that it takes longer and longer to complete a task. As James Wedmore points out in an article on his website you have to spend some time being lazy in order to see progress in your business. Laziness used to mean doing nothing, all the time. Nowadays people equate taking a 15 minute break, or sleeping at least 8 hours as being lazy. Guess what? You aren’t being lazy if you give your body a break. What you are doing is keeping your body and mind healthy, enabling you to do more in less time. What do you think?

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