Facebook NetworkingHaving a Facebook page for your wedding business can be a crucial lead generator and ultimately lead to the success of your business.

But all too often, we see Facebook business pages with good intentions, but bad execution.

Hopefully you already have a Facebook business page, but if you don’t, Stephanie can show you how to set one up here.

Here’s four things that EVERY wedding pro needs to do for on their Facebook page:

1. Have a high quality cover photo.

First impressions are key in the wedding business. Cover photos are the first thing that a couple sees when visiting your business’s Facebook page. If you have terrible photo, couples are more likely to click off your page before viewing the rest.

FB Cover

Facebook cover photos should be sized to 851 x 315. If your image isn’t sized correctly, it can become really distorted, look terrible, and create a poor representation of your business.

2. Have a professional profile picture, ideally of your smiling face.

You can use your logo as a profile image, but make sure it’s sized correctly. Too often we see wedding pros use their logo as the profile picture on their business Facebook pages, but it’s not sized correctly, so it doesn’t fit!

Take it one step further and go above and beyond. Add a professional, correctly sized photo of yourself as your profile picture. Start building rapport and trust with your couples right away.

FB Profile

Facebook profile pictures need to be 180 x 180.

3. Automatically post your blog posts from your wedding biz site to your Facebook page.

You’re putting lots of work into your blog, writing at least one or more unique articles per week, but are you letting couples know about it?

Facebook plugins like RSS Graffiti can automatically share your new blog posts to your Facebook page, so your new content is getting shared in more places than just your blog.

4. Have a Call-to-Action or Opt-in on your page.

The good folks at Facebook have made it possible to easily set up a Call-to-Action or Opt-In button directly from your business Facebook page. See the example from our Facebook page below


This is a great way of getting potential couples on your mailing list and a great lead generating opportunity. After all, the point of having a Facebook page is to grow your business, right?

Do you have a Facebook page for your business?

photo credit: Great- they now officially have a magazine for everything! via photopin (license)