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Are you constantly receiving enquiries from engaged couples who are only looking for your cheapest package or a discount, and you’re unsure why?

Without realizing it, your website might be giving out signals to engaged couples that you are willing to haggle on prices or you have cheaper options that they should consider. 

So, how do you bring in more couples that want to book your higher packages and see the value of your packages and services?

“Your website needs to show engaged couples that you are more than just your price. You also offer an incredible service that can help make their wedding day stress-free and unforgettable.” 

First, we need to discuss the ways you might be attracting broke engaged couples, then we can show you how you can quickly transform your current website into a marketing tool that helps you bring in high-end engaged couples ready to pay you what you are worth. Let’s begin shall we.


One specific way that wedding professionals often attract broke engaged couples is through pricing mistakes. In fact a question often comes up as a hot topic discussion with our Book More Brides Tribe is should you list prices on your website? 

At Book More Brides, we believe that you should save your pricing specifics for the initial consultation, so instead of having a one size fits all solution, you can prescribe the right package for your potential brides. 

A little bonus tip: Six-figure wedding professionals never list their prices on their websites. They never just give their pricing out to people when they ask for it. Instead, they say, “let’s jump onto a call, I’d be happy to give you the range of options.”

This strategy aims to help engaged couples understand that you need to know what their actual goals are to give them the most accurate pricing. If they’re going to have a micro wedding or an elopement your lowest package might be the right fit for them, but you don’t want to assume that without speaking to them first. Not only do you want to get to know your potential couple to give them an accurate price, but you also want them to learn more about you, your business, and start to dream about what their wedding could be if they choose you.

Deals and freebies

Offering too many deals and freebies right away without receiving anything in return might be killing off your sales and sending out the wrong message: “I’ll do it for less than I’m worth.” Freebies and deals come in many forms, such as the 10% off pop-up that appears as soon as you land on a website homepage or free samples such as engagement photo sessions or free wine or food tastings. 

It’s completely fine to give away freebies if you’re just getting started and you need to get people in the door, but once your wedding business starts to grow, be careful about offering something for free with no strings attached. Free often gets equated to cheap, or budget, or low-end rights. Usually, people give things away for free that are not very valuable, but your time as a wedding professional is very valuable. We don’t want to see you giving your services out right away without some give and take.

We have had too many wedding photographers in our Growth Academy tell us that they’ve been burned by the “free engagement photo session” strategy after wedding photo specialists told them to do it. We want you to avoid getting burned and wasting your time with couples who just want a complimentary engagement session and have no intention to book your higher packages.

Website Language

Do you currently use terms on your website such as “Affordable” or “We have options available for any budget”?

The most common mistake we see wedding professionals make is not being careful with the language they use on their websites. We see this on all websites, from wedding photographers to wedding DJs to wedding venues. 

There is power in words. So, when you use a term on your website like “We offer packages that suit any budget,” you might be unintentionally bringing in broke engaged couples who are expecting to get everything they want within your lowest package. So be mindful of the language you use on your website, Instagram, or emails, because the words or terms you are using might actually have a cheap connotation.

Don’t worry if your wedding business website is full of phrases like:

  • Affordable venue options.
  • Affordable wedding photography.
  • Affordable wedding entertainment.
  • We create floral designs for any budget.

We can help you fix this later in the blog. 

Website Appearance 

Not only is it essential to think about your messaging in terms of words but also visually as well. 

If you have a budget looking website, you’re going to attract budget seeking couples. 

If you have a website that looks like it hasn’t been updated in years and uses outdated tactics, or it doesn’t show that you are a serious wedding business, it might be sending out the wrong message. You might be telling the engaged couples that visit your website that you don’t have many clients at the moment, and you’re going to take on anyone just to pay the bills. 

Even if this is true, and many wedding businesses have been struggling this past year, your website doesn’t have to reflect this.

How to update your website to attract high end engaged couples 

  1. Make sure that you are not using budget words. Choose words that will help engaged couples understand your value first rather than just handing them a price list and saying “Good luck to you, let me know if you’re interested.” Like we mentioned earlier, that’s something that six-figure wedding pros never ever do.
  1. Only give your potential couples deals and freebies as closers, not as attraction elements. 
  1. Upgrade the look of your website so that it reflects your wedding business in 2021. Make sure that you look like a wedding business ready to provide the best service to your engaged couples and that you are excited to help them.

You don’t have to invest thousands of dollars to have a custom-designed website. You can easily update your website with sites like Wix that offer beautiful templates that help give your website a refresh. So that way, it looks fresh and modern and doesn’t look like you are a budget wedding pro or someone who doesn’t take their jobs seriously.

Are you reading this thinking, “whoops, I’m totally doing that”?

It might be time to upgrade your website to start bringing in higher-value engaged couples that will appreciate you for what you’re worth instead of looking for the lowest price possible. 

Let us know in the comments below which of these mistakes you are currently making in your wedding business, we love hearing where you are at in your business and the direction you want to go in.  

Need a website audit for your wedding business?

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