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In the every day we all have times that have crazy coincidences. Whether it is something as small as running into someone we knew years ago, or having a huge influx of customers in our store one day. The thing is that even though your website and blog are virtual they run a high chance of experiencing the very same unexpected opportunities.

Joseph of Blog Tweaks wrote an interesting article about how to get your blog ready for those times so that you can capitalize on unexpected once in a lifetime opportunities. If you have the chance to getting lots of bookings from brides you obviously want to take it. So how do you prep for the unexpected in case it happens?

The main two things that make all the difference in turning unexpected visitors into long term followers and clients is to get a great design for your site and then making sure that all of your content is high quality, informative and constantly being updated. This is why having a business blog is so helpful, it gives you a place to constantly write new content and get brides hooked on your business. What do you think?

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