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Not too long ago, a wedding vendor sent us an email claiming…

Direct mail is DEAD.

Certainly direct mailings lack the marketing sex appeal of social media darlings like Pinterest and slick mobile-friendly technology. I mean, who uses snail mail anymore? We even nicknamed it after a SLUG, for goodness sake; it’s icky, slimy and slow.

Ah, that’s just the point! When you use direct mail as a part of your bridal marketing campaign, you are going where your competitors AREN’T.

Direct Mail Rises From the Dead

Snail mailboxes are so empty these days that your marketing piece will jump right out in the bride and groom’s mailbox. While your competitors are blasting out unsolicited emails…most of which end up in the spam folder if they even arrive at all…you’ll have the soon-to-be-weds attention all to yourself.

Don’t believe me? Check out these stats:

  • Over 70% percent of direct mail pieces are read. (Source Ballantine)
  • Only 11% of emails even get opened, and even fewer get a response. (Multiple sources)
  • Only 17% of Facebook posts even get viewed by fans. (Source All Facebook)
  • It takes 5 – 12 exposures to your business before the bride / groom hires you.

Direct mail belongs in your bridal marketing tool box. When done properly, it’s inexpensive, targeted and highly effective.

In fact, my brain is on fire right now, simply percolating with ways to combine direct mail into a multi-channel marketing and follow up system for wedding vendors that will make your business a lead generating machine! (But I digress and mix metaphors. All I can hear now is, My brain is on fire, with passionate love…)

Follow these tips to create a direct mail campaign that books weddings, courtesy of Matthew Toren over at Blogtrepreur to turbo charge your direct mail marketing.

What do you think about direct mail? Does it work for you?

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