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Photographers are faced with this challenge: in a world where you can get an 8×10 print at Walmart and couples are more interested in sharing digital photos on Facebook than they are in purchasing an album, how can you give clients what they want and still make money?

I recently stumbled across an interview with Nate Grahek of Sticky Albums  about a product that answers these frustrations and actually lets you leverage digital media to your advantage. I immediately emailed him because I just knew we had to get him for Book More Brides!

The result was a 40 minute interview that knocked my socks off. Not only is Sticky Albums revolutionizing the ways photographers promote their businesses (and it’s soon to revolutionize the way ALL wedding vendors promote, if I have anything to do with it!) it’s perfect for the kind of powerful, free giveaway marketing, viral promotion and partnership networking we LOVE.

What is a Sticky Album?

A “sticky album” is a custom web app that allows you to create a digital photo album that your clients can download onto a mobile device. The images are bundled together so that your brand and contact information is embedded.

This makes it super easy for brides to share their wedding photos with anyone and everyone they meet…promoting your business in the process. And it’s shared with a link.

Picture this:

A recent brides bumps into one of her college friends at Starbucks. When her friend asks how the wedding was, she pulls out her iPhone and scrolls through her very favorite pictures, gushing over what an amazing job you did at her wedding. Her friend is suitably impressed with the photos, and with your business name, website and phone number that are front and center.

Double Your Word of Mouth Referrals

Everyone knows that word of mouth referrals are the best you can get because your happy clients make the best sales people. Give your clients a tool that makes sharing easy and your word of mouth referrals will absolutely explode.

Your work speaks for itself. When you create a custom app using Sticky Albums, brides will be able to show off your photos to everyone they meet. Each person who views those photos also sees your business name and brand.

As we talked with Nate, I started thinking of more and more applications for Sticky Albums, not just for photographers, but for any wedding vendor.

4 Cool Ways to Turbo Charge Referrals with Sticky Albums

1. Give a Sticky Album as a bonus gift to the couple after the wedding. Announce, “I’ve created this special mobile app just for you,” and watch as they promote your business every time they flash those photos.

2. Include coupon images inside your sticky album. Now your couples have an extra reason to share the goodies.

3. Partner with other wedding vendors to create a coupon book for couples planning a wedding. A custom app containing $500 worth of savings will spread like wildfire, and you’ll have other vendors promoting you, too.

4. Use it to become the #1 recommendation of wedding venues. Create a custom app containing images of a high end venue…embedded with your business and contact info, of course…and let them share it with the couples. Let the flood of referrals begin!

The Drawbacks

As excited as I was to learn about Sticky Albums, there a couple features that are lacking. First, the current app requires that you know how to use Photoshop.

For photographers, that’s no problem. But for someone like me…well, I just have to get my photographer friends to hook me up. If you’re not a photographer, right now partnering with a photographer is a must.

The other missing feature is tracking. It’s essential that you know how people find you so that you know if your marketing is working. Right now, you can only track your Sticky Album referrals based on what your clients tell you or coupon codes they use.

The good news: these features will be added to Sticky Albums with the next version that’s due over the next couple weeks. I am psyched!

The easiest way to explain what sticky albums are is for you to see them yourself. Once you have it in your hand, you’ll understand the potential this has for your business.

Watch this video to see the app on my clunky Android:

What To Do Next

1. Go to Sticky Albums and enter your email to get a free sample you can download to your mobile phone.

2. Make sure you enter the contest to win a FREE iPad Mini and a whole year of Sticky Albums!

3. Listen to our interview with Nate Grahek to learn even MORE ways to promote your wedding business. It’s perfect for photographers, but there are strategies for other wedding vendors, too!

Play the entire interview here:


Check out this new product and leave a comment to let me know what you think. Do you love it? Hate it? How are YOU dealing with the challenges of the Digital Age?

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