lady on her laptopCrafting a great article is quite similar to writing any great content online, regardless if it’s used as an article, a website “about” page, or sales copy. Every aspect of both the writing and layout needs to be optimized to draw the reader in. If you can’t draw someone in with interesting content, you aren’t going to land the sale.

But interesting content is just the beginning of the battle. The layout of your wedding business website  is just as critical as it determines how easy the content is to read, and whether the layout enables the ability to interact with the content. For some great layout tips make sure to read Ginny Soskey’s article on the subject.

Another critical part of any website layout is to make sure that it easily points to your contact information or sales page. Without that information easily attainable you will lose brides just because they didn’t take the time to go to your contact page. Remember, everything you write is both being written to tell a bride about your business and to convince her that she needs to contact you, not your competition. Make sure that once she’s convinced she can actually contact you easily. Don’t make her jump through any hoops.

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