Do you hate your competition?


I remember feeling scared the first time I went to a local wedding professionals’ networking meeting.  All my biggest competitors were RIGHT THERE.

What if I accidentally gave away one of my secrets?  Would they steal my ideas?

But networking with our direct competitors has been responsible for generating thousands of dollars of revenue for our business, ideas that helped us break into new markets, exclusive discounts, and powerful introductions.

Maybe the competitor who is the biggest thorn in your side could actually be an ally.

Here are just a few things competitors can do for you:

•    Refer you business when they are booked.
•    Share valuable resources and training.
•    Bail you out when you need help.
•    Help you brainstorm new marketing ideas.
•    Become partners in new ventures.

What about the competitor who you just can’t stand?

Well, they’re even more useful.  That competitor makes you work harder and smarter.  They challenge you to make your wedding business different from everyone else’s.  They force you to grow.

Isn’t that what a best friend would do?

How is the competition affecting your business?

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