bride posing on the window

Did you know that your image on your wedding business website can actually help boost your SEO on your website? Yep, it’s true. You’ve seen people who do this if you ever did a Google Image search and got results. If you are a photographer and don’t want your image available to the public to copy there are ways to do that and still show up in the Google Image search results.

How does this help your business you ask? First of all, anything that you can do to rank well on a Google search boosts your overall ranking with Google. From a strictly consumer viewpoint however images hold power. In fact right now there really isn’t anything much more powerful to sell a bride on your business than pictures. Pictures tell a bride more in less space than you could write on many pages of your website. They tell her exactly what your style is, the quality of your work, and give her a clue of how comfortable she will be with you. Brides aren’t super thrilled at picking up the phone and calling a business unless they have a stronger indication that they might actually like what you have to offer. Pictures speak volumes. For tips on how to optimize your images for Google check out this article by Lawrence on his website tofurious.

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