writing note

If you’re finding that your articles and blog posts aren’t getting read, don’t worry, it probably isn’t your content. The typical bridal business owner can turn out great content, with all kinds of helpful hints and tips for brides. The way to get brides to read it however has little to do with the content, and more to do with the title.

Think about it this way, the title is the lure, the content is the hook. You have to have both working together to draw brides in and get them to both read your content and sign up for your product or service. Just like with fishing your lure can be bold with lots of bells and whistles, or it can be simple, but enticing. You have to match your style of writing with a style that your target bride connects to, and meld it into a traffic generating headline. Make sure to read the article by Gregory Ciotti for some great ideas on creating eye catching headiness. What do you think?

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