Write Engaging Website Copy

If you’re not booking enough brides in 2021, it might have more to do with your website messaging than you think. When a potential couple lands on your website homepage, excited to finally find their perfect wedding photographer, venue, or florist, the wrong messaging can quickly scare them back to their google search. 

“People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.”

It’s time to start booking more couples in 2021 by utilizing the valuable words on your homepage to help you not only attract your perfect couples but make them so excited to work with you that they won’t be able to work with anyone else.

Here are a few helpful tips on utilizing the valuable words on your homepage to ensure your perfect couples are clicking your CTA button every time. 

Why is engaging website copy necessary for growing your wedding business? 

You have worked hard to build a solid online presence for your wedding pro business. 

You have been proactive in helping potential couples find you online. 

But now, you need to make sure that your potential couples like what they see when they get to your website. 

Your homepage copy will be the catalyst that turns word-of-mouth referrals and Instagram followers into booked and excited brides.

With thoughtfully crafted website messaging, you can help build a connection with your perfect couples and reassure them that you genuinely care about them, not just getting the sale. 

Coming across as too pushy and too salesy is a common fear many weddings pros have. Fortunately, improving your website copy with engaging, clear, and emotional language will alleviate the fear of sounding like a desperate salesperson. 

So how do you increase the trust between you and your perfect couples when they land on your website? Here is an actionable tip you can use today to start booking more brides in 2021.

How to write engaging website copy:

Here is an example of standard wedding pro website copy:

What I love most about my job is X 

My style is X

I have X amount of years of experience.

What is wrong with this website copy?

It’s all about you when it should be all about your couples. 

The information doesn’t tell your couples what they need to know:

  • You are interested in more than just the sale
  • You are truly dedicated to making their wedding day the best day of their lives.
  • You genuinely believe that you can be the one to make this happen for their wedding day.

Increasing the trust between you and the couples coming to your website to learn more about you and what you offer just takes this simple mindset shift. 

BMB #1 TIP: Change the language on your website from ME to YOU

Start thinking about your perfect couples and the unique experience they will have as a result of what you’re great at. Everything you talk about on your website Homepage, About me page, and Services page, what does that mean for your couples? 

Let’s use a photographer as an example.

Poorly crafted website copy:

 “I have 15 years of experience capturing beautiful moments for my couples’ special day.”

Engaging, powerful website copy:

“You can feel confident that I know the best places to photograph couples in the Bay Area because of my 15 years of experience.”

Why is this website copy so engaging and powerful? 

It tells your couples precisely what they need to know to feel confident in clicking your CTA.

  • You know what you’re doing; you’re not a brand new photographer. 
  • You know how to bring out the best of their wedding day through your photography skills.
  • You are offering a stress-free experience with your extensive knowledge of the perfect wedding photo locations in their local area. 

Are you ready to improve your website copy and start booking more brides in 2021? 

Now it’s time to take a look at your website copy. How many times do you say I? How can you flip it around to say YOU instead? 

Remember, people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. So make sure your website copy shows them how much you care, why you are different, and how their wedding day will be even more special because you are a part of it.

Are you still concerned about coming across as too salesy in your website, email, or Instagram copy?  

Schedule a call with our expert copywriter for clear, powerful copywriting that converts every maybe into a yes. 

Write Engaging Website Copy