The first and primary thing that needs to happen when you write a marketing email, even if it is in reply to a first contact, is to set the tone. You need to reach the brides emotion and make a connection with her. If all you do is sell your product or service she is going to get cold feet right off the bat. On the other hand if she gets a good feeling about the tone of your email it is going to raise her trust level for your business.

The second tip to gain good responses from your emails according to an article on “Conversation Agent” is to make sure that your email has a goal. It’s not enough to just tell a bride about your service, you have to have a strong call to action as well. Don’t get in their face yelling for them to buy your product (they’ll go running away as fast as possible), be excited for them, be clear on how you can help them, and encourage them take the next step. Do you see the difference? It’s not about you, it’s about them. What do you think?

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