bride talking

There is a lot more to social media that just socializing. It’s not just a place to network and drive traffic to your site. The beauty of social media is in the personal touch, the ability to share pictures and ideas, and the ability to make those connected to you feel like they are a close friend to you and your wedding business.

Marketing today isn’t based on the old “tell people what they want” principle. It’s based on creating an emotional connection. That’s why TV ads are no longer “eat our cheese” but more “this cheese advertisement makes you happy.” Carrying that over to social media is the easiest way to make a connection. Sites like Pineterest allow people to pin your products, sharing them with others, showing how they are using your products to plan their parties and more. If you aren’t tapping into this side of social media then you and your potential brides are really missing out. To learn more about some social media alternatives to the big sites check out this awesome article by Lauren Hill.

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