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Everyone’s obsessed with the Big Four: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Linked In.

But these guys aren’t the only social media kids on the block.  Enter STUMBLEUPON.

In case you haven’t tried it out, StumbleUpon is a highly addictive way to randomly discover articles, websites and videos about topics you’re interested in, and share favorites with your friends.  It’s kind of like spinning the Wheel of Fortune and watching where the needle lands, allowing you to “stumble upon” into some delightful…or disturbing…cyber lands you never would have found otherwise.

This article from Portent Interactive describes how to use Stumble Upon to get loads of free traffic.

Tips For Using Stumble Upon to Attract Brides

1) It’s best use is for attracting a national or international audience.

This is perfect for retailers and wedding websites who can serve brides across the county.  Stumble Upon users are not searching for local topics, so if your business only serves a small local audience, you may get website visitors, but they aren’t going to book you.

2) Be interesting!  

Write articles and make videos that provide high entertainment value because Stumble Upon users are after entertainment, not shopping.  Do this right and they will “thumbs up” your stuff, which makes it visible to more people.

If you want to get them to your website, you’ve got to be interesting.  Let your website do the selling part once they get there.

3) Focus on the most popular topics to maximize your traffic: Humor, Music, the Bizarre, and Photography.

Write humorous articles about weddings.  Share unusual song selections, or create Top 10 lists.  Write about the strangest wedding stories you’ve ever seen or heard of.

If you’re a wedding photographer, think humorous, strange and unusual.  Share those photos and stumblers will keep sharing them, allowing you to attract more website visitors.

4) Use it to inspire topic ideas brides will love.

Even if you don’t serve a national audience, you can still use Stumble Upon to inspire you with topics real brides will read and share.  Just take a stumble through wedding-related topics to find out what’s hot.  Then use what you learn to create some of your own content using those proven topics.

Stumble Upon may not be for every wedding vendor, but it can be a powerful source of traffic if you play your cards right.

What’s your Stumble Upon experience?

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