Written by Melissa Page

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 Social media has become more and more popular in the wedding industry nowadays. In the past, brides had to clip images from magazines or get ideas from photos and show them to wedding vendors – vendors they find via word of mouth. Today, with help from social media networks and tools, a bride can get inspiration and share what she wants, and gets what she needs without having to deal with less hassle.

With the rise of Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and others, wedding planning has changed – which is the major reason why social media is just as important for wedding vendors as they are for brides.

Here’s how social media boosts your wedding business:

It spreads the word. Wedding blogs and forums have made it easy to search for a particular bridal topic. By setting a virtual space for your brand, and connecting it to as many social media networks as you can manage, you are increasing the public’s awareness of your company. A good idea is partnering with people who have a large internet audience.

It helps you build relationships and attract more possible clients. Engaging in social media will give people a chance to interact and respond to and around your brand. Putting up a wedding site, a Facebook fan page, a YouTube account allows your past clients and potential clients to exchange ideas, generate excitement, and build loyalty. Remember to participate and join in the community conversation yourself.

It helps you connect with others in the same industry. It is good to connect with other vendors in the wedding industry as these connections can lead to awareness of events, business partnership, and good publicity. If you’re having trouble finding a certain brand or person you want to connect with, try using  area code directories on social media sites. Once you find them, respond to tweets, leave comments, and “like” their Facebook pages to stay connected.

It makes customer service efficient. With social media networks, clients have different options to contact you – and not just by phone or stopping by your shop. Now, they can just tweet you or send you a private message, post something on your Facebook wall, or leave a comment on your blog to reach you. Make sure to check your social networks regularly for new messages. Involvement in social media saves time and effort for both the wedding vendor and client.

It gives you inspiration. With so much interaction in your community, your clients and other vendors are likely to leave suggestions and ideas, giving you limitless pieces of information on how to improve and expand your brand. One tip is monitoring the conversations in your community and taking notes.

It showcases your goods. Needless to say, using social media helps you increase sales. By sharing information about your business, you are providing a virtual visual aid that brides, grooms, and their families can choose from.  According to “What’s On Brides’ Minds” annual survey from David’s Bridal, 59% of brides say Pinterest, Facebook and blogs are the best places to find inspiration.

What other benefits of using social media for your wedding business can you add? Let us know in the comment section!

About the author: Melissa Page is a California-based blogger with over four years of professional writing experience. Aside from writing about social media, she also blogs about relationships, weddings, health, and travel. When she’s not busy writing, she manages her emails and organizes her social media accounts so as not to miss out on important stuff.

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