Google Ranking criteria

Good SEO on your wedding website isn’t just about using the right keywords in the right place. There are quite a few different things that search engines are looking for which improve your ratings which Christian Arno writes about in his article.

One of those things is links. You can have inbound links which lead from another website to your website, inbound links which link one page of your site to another page and outbound links which lead from your website to other websites and content you have published on other websites.

While you don’t want to overuse links and should keep it to about 2 – 3 links per article, it is crucial for you to have those links. Without them your website it a dead fish in water and the other SEO work you do won’t get you many results. Remember, SEO is a pattern. If you are missing one piece it’s not going to give you the results you want. What do you think?

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