Google plus

There’s an old adage “enough is as much as a feast.” Well earlier this year Google decided that it had had enough of bad pages ranking high and relevant information ranking low. As a result they have instituted new tactics for ranking websites and pages.

One of these ways is the new Google +1 button which is their answer to the Facebook page. The benefits of this button come down to a simple fact that you can ask people to recommend your page to Google and others, and Google will actually listen.

Getting the new Google +1 button working is relatively simple. It uses html code which is linked to the page URL according to Marketing Jive’s post. The instructions for adding Google +1 are detailed enough that anyone can do it. A big tip from Marketing Jive is to make sure you don’t over promote the button to your website viewers, but make it easily accessible and obvious at the bottom of your page to encourage people to click on it.

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