As the business owner of a wedding company you are by definition an entrepreneur. There is more to being successful in your business than just getting more clients however. You can’t just be a business owner, you have to apply the foundational pillars of being an entrepreneur according to Jeff Cornwall in his article.

By tapping into and applying the basics you are able to unleash both your own and your company’s creative potential. One of the top most forgotten things an entrepreneur needs to do is to be authentic. Don’t just work at selling a product, be passionate about it. Don’t go along just trying to cover the basics, if you are working on an ad campaign be passionate about what you are selling and the way you are selling it. If you really don’t care about the product, or you frame it inauthentically you’ll end up finding yourself in a rut which you may or may not be able to dig yourself and your business out of. For more tips make sure to read Jeff’s article!

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