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The first few years of building a business are tough. There is a lot of work, not enough pay, and a lot of headaches along the way. As a result businesses during this period are often connected with the term “suffering” which can easily lead to moments of despair.

So how do you turn that suffering and despair into success? According to Jeff Haden despair can be broken down into the equation Despair = Suffering – Meaning. How does this help? The answer is in the equation. You have to find meaning in what you are doing to turn suffering and despair into motivation. If there is no meaning to what you are dealing with, then why would you push through it?

Your wedding business isn’t just about serving the brides. You aren’t a servant. You are a business owner. You love the field, love working weddings, and are tapping into that to make a solid living for yourself. Keep that in front of you at all times and you’ll find it much easier to deal with the problems that come up and continue moving forward to success.

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