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Dealing with an upset customer is crucial in today’s online driven world. One bad review has the potential of turning off a lot of potential brides. However turning an unhappy customer into a happy one can be a bit trickier than just resolving the situation.

In her article Jessica Stillman recommends that you take some time to calm down before rushing to solve the issue. Think through the situation first. Will resolving the problem benefit your wedding business or harm it? If you have to give in on an issue that happened in opposition of your companies standards you might need a creative solution rather than just a patch up job.

When you go to talk to the upset customer take the time to really talk things through. Find out what really upset them and why. Ask questions and don’t accuse them of acting poorly. Resolving the issue and turning them back into a happy customer has the potential of boosting your business based on their review “I had this issue but talked with them and they did this to resolve it.” In fact resolved customer service issues often can be the basis of referrals and good reviews. What do you think? How have you dealt with problem situations to turn unhappy customers back into happy customers?

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