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The absolute fastest way to get brides to give you their contact information and contact you is to use an opt-in/contact form that gives a freebie to the bride for filling it out. This looks different for each business but there are some tips from Amanda Gagnon’s article which make an opt-in impossible for brides to walk away from.

First of all you have to come up with a seriously tempting freebie. This can be something like an ebook about the 10 best reception ideas, a voucher for a free bottle of champagne if they book with you (you should be giving them a gift when they book no matter what), or anything that fits your product or service and tempts the bride to lean towards contacting and booking with you.

Most businesses keep their opt-in forms simple. While you do need to keep your website clutter free you also have to make the opt-in form super tempting. The best way to do this? Use a glamorous picture of the freebie which makes you want to reach in and touch the item. According to Amanda Gagnon this is the key to making your offer irresistible. What do you think? Do you have an irresistible offer connected to an opt-in/contact form?

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