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Marketing. It’s the bottom line to whether your business makes it or not, and even more importantly to whether your wedding business thrives in today’s market. There are enough ideas out there to create marketing disasters if all used at once, and many are aimed at a particular niche or client budget.

Many businesses have found that they not only need some good marketing advice which is aimed directly at their niche market, but that connecting with other people who are walking the same marketing path is a huge motivation to make those strides forward towards success. In fact, if you don’t already have at least one person whom you feel like you can talk to as a “marketing friend” you might want to take the time to connect with someone. Having that marketing friendship does wonders at helping you think through problems when you get stuck, and encouraging each other to move forward.

The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference

If you feel like you just can’t figure everything out with marketing for your business there’s a great conference coming up for wedding professionals who are interested in going deeper into marketing their business. Author and wedding marketing expert Alan Berg is going to be holding The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference for wedding professionals in an up-close and personal series of informational, thought-provoking and motivational topics. He’ll be presenting you with new ideas and concepts to help you take the action necessary to achieve your goals with your wedding business.

About Alan Berg

So who is Alan Berg? He is more than just and author and speaker. He describes himself as “a Suburban Renaissance Man.” Someone who believes his family is important, is super creative, into music and marketing, is a handyman, and salesman, and most importantly believes in “living for today while planning for tomorrow.”

Check out Alan Berg’s website for more info about the conference and speaker. Make sure to enter discount code BMB50 to save $50 off all rates when you register!

The Wedding Industry Leaders Conference Location and Dates:

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