Wedding trends are changing as fast as you blink. The last thing any wedding business wants is to wake up one morning to find that all their advertising looks like it is ten years old. Keeping up with trends is crucial, and the determining factor of most wedding colors and styles is based on the fashion industry.

An article by Glamour Weddings takes a look at high fashion dresses. Colors are deepening, and over the top details are becoming the norm. For instance, bridal party formalwear is beginning to take on a feeling of the 1930’s and 1940’s, while adding details and trim to an extreme that hasn’t been seen since the Victorian era.

So how do you keep up with the changes? Keep an eye on magazines, both printed and online, noticing what the top designers are doing, colors, details, and textures. Take a look at the arrangements done by top florists, and check out sites that show real weddings from your area and keep track of what is being done locally. If there is a big gap between your web site, and what is actually being done, change your pictures and fonts to appeal to the modern bride.