Stand Out From Competitors. Stand Out From Competitors. Stand Out From Competitors

If I asked you today, “What do your couples want from you?” Or “What are your couples buying from you?” what would you say?

Your answer might be similar to the ones I receive in the beginning of our Booked and Busy 5 day training program:

  • Photographer: A great photo to capture their exciting day
  • Wedding venue: Provide a beautiful location for them to get married in with stunning views and great service.
  • Wedding DJ: Provide a non-stop party, great music and an effortless flow for their big day

These are great answers, but unfortunately this is what your competitors are also saying.

And if you’re saying the same thing as every other wedding professional in your specific field, whether that’s photography or venues, you won’t stand out and be seen by your ideal wedding couples. 

An important fundamental concept I love teaching my Growth Academy students is how to say the words that will make them stand out from their competitors. Sounds simple, but it involves working hard and digging deep to figure out what your ideal couples want from you, at a heart level.

“When you do this work you will start to understand what makes your couples tick.

This makes it much easier to connect with your couples when they are comparing you with your competitor.

I love talking about this, it blows the minds of my Growth Academy students every time. Let’s dig into it shall we …


When your couples land on your website or socials, or contact you directly you have an opportunity to tell them exactly what they will be getting from you at the end of their wedding day. 

Connecting with your ideal couple means connecting with their values. If you want your business to grow you need to move beyond just saying this:

  • “I want their day to be stress free and beautiful”
  • “I want them to have beautiful photos” 
  • “I want them to have a beautiful setting”

You need to go deeper, to a heart level.

  • WHY do they want a stress free day?
  • WHY do they want beautiful photos?
  • What does it mean to your couples?

Let’s go back to those examples I mentioned earlier…


Beyond needing a photographer with great camera skills your ideal wedding couple might value gallery worthy photography that is modern and artistic because they want their photos to look different to everybody else’s.

Or perhaps your unique photography style focuses on capturing the spontaneous moments your couples didn’t know happened during the night. Your couples value this so much, and knowing they can rely on you to capture those moments is priceless. 


Yes every wedding couple wants to get married in a beautiful setting, but there are many beautiful wedding venues also offering the same thing. 

So why are your wedding couples coming to you?

Maybe you offer an industrial look that will give them the sophisticated and chic wedding of their dreams. Or maybe your style is rustic and your ideal couple value family atmospheres. They know they will get a relaxed, homely feeling from your venue. 


This is perfect because one of our growth academy students is a wedding DJ. Shout out to Zac!

Zac has been working hard to grow his business and find new opportunities by focusing on what his ideal couples value. And what they really want from him when he DJs at their wedding. 

I remember when we first talked in the Growth Academy and went through this concept we spoke about how zac’s couples really value celebrating with family and friends. They want this to be a wonderful time, but on top of that they want this to be a moment of connection with old friends and family members they don’t get to see often. 

Zac provides a feeling of nostalgia, of coming home to reconnect, of honouring the past and what got them here as well as their bright future ahead. 

No more one size fits all strategy.

Remember that your answers are going to be based on your profession, your ideal couples, your strategy and your style. There are a lot of layers to this, and a lot to think about. This is just the beginning, to get you started on this concept.

After you do the work your couples will be saying:

  • This wedding venue/photographer/DJ gets me. 
  • They are worthy of my hard earned dollar.
  • They are worthy of being a part of the most special day of my life. 
  • They will feel more comfortable when they know you can deliver on what they value most.

Keep an eye out for more information coming on our next Booked and Busy training. 

Core concepts we cover:

  • Identify your perfect client
  • Structuring your ads right
  • Making sure you are covering every element of your marketing funnel, and the most important one many people forget about  
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