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There are a million ways you can stand out from your competitors, but the very first thing you should always do to stand out is respond to inquiries quickly. By quickly I don’t mean tomorrow, or within the week. I mean if you weren’t there to pick up the phone and they leave a message, call them back immediately. If you get an email respond to in within a few hours.

As Bri Swatek reminds us in an article on his blog, people expect you to respond to their initial contact in a timely manner, and sooner than later puts you ahead of your competition. When I am returning calls one of the things I have heard repeatedly is surprise and gratitude that I called back so quickly. In fact calling or emailing back quickly can turn a cautious lead into an excited client whether or not you are any better than your wedding competitors. What do you think?

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8 thoughts on “How To Stand Out From Your Competition and Turn Leads Into Clients”

  1. This is SO True! I just booked a bride yesterday who sent a gown picture from a competitor, after I answered her email question as soon as it came in. Her comment was that the other site just acted like they didn’t want to answer her many questions about ordering a wedding gown via internet. My niche market only has 3 businesses nationwide offering camo accented formal wear, so if one doesn’t respond immediately, it is easy for the bride to quickly find another on a search. I am to be the business that answers them FIRST and patiently answers every single question with interest and a friendly voice!

  2. I can’t tell you how may calls we get from Brides that are actually SURPRISED that we answered the phone! Really!! So many have said “Oh, you’re there? I was just going to leave a message asking for your prices.” or “Wow, you’re the first DJ that we called and got a live person!”.

    I only wish we received more phone calls and less emails, but these days, that is the trend. But emails have their advantages too as you know.

    Thanks for reaffirming with your advice!

  3. Jamie says:

    This is how I have always done business. I am complimented on it all the time. Great advice to anyone who deals with the public. Makes the brides feel like their business with you matters to you.

  4. One of the compliments I frequently receive is that I communicate well with my brides. My business is Internet based, however it is my goal that my customers feel like they are receiving the same level of personalized customer service, if not better, as the salon.

  5. Patricia says:

    We always do the same. If I’m not sure how to price their query , I phone my husband’s cell phone and he calls the bride back within minutes. If you don’t, they could have booked with the next supplier. The chances are that they are calling a few suppliers. I also try to make a little friendly conversation. We often get told they booked us because we sounded the nicest.

    1. Stephanie Padovani says:

      It’s shocking (and sometimes scary) but the best time to respond to a lead is within 5 MINUTES. If you wait even one hour, your chances of reaching them decrease 21 times. That’s according to the Kellogg School of Mgmt.

  6. This is very true! I didn’t realize how impatient I got as a bride when I would wait around for days and sometimes weeks for a vendor to email me back! I’m a very punctual person and I just believe things should be responded to quickly or it’ll be too late and you miss your chance.

  7. Great advice! Love it! 🙂

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