Standing out from you’re your competitors should be the goal of every business. After all, if you blend in, then how on earth are brides going to find you?

Normally I love home shows. They have some of the coolest ideas and companies with booths set up, samples of food, and great marketing strategies that pull customers in. Last year however I went to a show where every booth literally felt like it was identical to the one before it. I was in and out in an hour, and didn’t buy, or taste a thing, nor did I remember a single business.


Standing out in a crowd is all about knowing your audience, what interests them, what they want, and most of all how to grab their attention. Bridget Svenson encourages companies to make sure that they can’t be copied, and do whatever it takes to make their business pop out. Find something valuable that you can offer your clients, whether it’s a cool package deal, or a freebee that make sure they remember you. 

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