If you want to sell more products and services to your clients, you’ve got to learn how to trigger your client’s A young girl holding a fan of cashbuying response.

The thing most of us don’t realize is that buying is always EMOTIONAL.

Think about the last time you made a big purchase.  A car, a house, a wedding ring.  What drove you to part with that hard-earned cash in your pocket?

A big, compelling emotion.

Maybe you buy a sexy new car to bring back the feeling of youth…or so that you can stop worrying about getting into an accident in your old beater.

Maybe you buy a house to fulfill the promise of the American dream…or to escape the frustration of being a renter.

Maybe you buy that ring because you met the love of your life and can’t imagine living a day without her…or out of fear she’ll leave if you don’t pop the question.

In any and every case we buy on emotion.  We act to move toward pleasure or away from pain, or sometimes a combination of both.

Sure, we rationalize our purchase and use logic to justify our actions afterward.  But in that moment when we pull out our wallet or swipe that credit card, we’re firmly in the grip of a powerful emotion.

But don’t take my word for it.  Studies of buying behavior performed by the researchers at MIT, Stanford, and the Sandler Institute (along with countless others) show that we all buy for emotional satisfaction.

So if you want brides to buy MORE you’ve got to get them in an emotional state.  What is the bride’s biggest fear?  What are her frustrations?  What are her hopes and dreams?

When you understand this and connect on these emotions, you’ll trigger the buying response.

The Digital Wedding Forum blog just started an awesome series of articles to teach wedding photographers how to sell more albums using this principle, but all of us can learn from these examples.  You can check out the first two here:

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How can you use emotions to book more weddings and sell more?

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