save time

It can be easy for wedding businesses to avoid keeping up with their social media work due to the amount of time they spend on it each and every day. Cutting time spent on social media is crucial, but cutting the actual social media ends up being extremely detrimental to building your business. So, how can you cut your time down and still get everything done?

There are actually quite a few cool tools out there to help, but my favorite is definitely Hootsuite. Not only can you connect it with all your social media sites and schedule posts months in advance, but the paid version gives you all kinds of additional helpful tools. For instance if you need to post a link, use their custom shortened URL and then keep track the stats on total clicks, and even the region the clicks are coming from. You also have access to Google Analytics and Facebook Insights. How cool is that? For more info on what Hootsuite can do check out the post on Michael Gray Graywolf’s SEO Blog.

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