angry-brideIt’s a well known fact: brides quibble about prices with almost every single wedding vendor. Why is this the case? Well obviously a part of it has to do with the economy. The main issue however is rarely mentioned.

Brides have trouble with your prices not because they don’t want you to make a living, but because they don’t understand the value of your product or service. Telling them how wonderful you are isn’t going to solve the issue. The question isn’t how great you are, it’s a question is why they need you in the first place. Every bride has this underlying belief that they could do everything themselves if they had the time.Geoffrey James points out in his article that what you have to communicate is why they need you. What are you helping them accomplish? What is the pain (real or imaginary) that you are solving? Why would they be happier going with you rather than anyone else?

If you can answer these questions and incorporate it in your sales pitch in an upbeat way, you are going to see a decrease in brides who try to talk your prices down below what you are worth. When a bride understands how much she needs you and how valuable your product or service is, she isn’t going to be as concerned about the bottom line. What do you think?

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