Most websites are built for the business that owns them. Makes perfect sense doesn’t it? The problem is that your website isn’t for you. It’s for all the brides that you want to book according to Jessica Swanson (aka The Shoestring Marketer).

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So does that mean you have to start from scratch and completely re-do your site? Absolutely not. One of the first things you can do that will completely change their perspective of your business is to prove that they can trust you and that your business is well established. That means you need to keep it up to date, make it easy to navigate, included pictures of weddings you’ve done, and get rid of any design features that make it look like your site is homespun.

Another thing that is easy to forget is that brides who are online aren’t just looking for a business that does what they want; they want to know what your main packages include and get some ball park prices. Keep it simple, but remember that the more information you include about what they can expect from you the more likely they are to commit to you once they make that initial contact.

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