Building your wedding business is definitely not just about covering the basics, or planning for what will happen this week. Successful marketing is based on purposeful planning and action that prepares your business for ever possible problem that may occur in the future according to Sarah Grace V. Villaflor’s article.

What does that mean? When you start your wedding marketing plan the initial perspective is about getting more customers as soon as possible. But after that you need to broaden your perspective. How are you going to book brides in the middle of the winter? How is your business going to be able to handle it if you face several months in a row with no bookings, and how are you going to keep that from happening?

Think about the future not just the present. The worst case scenario may or may not happen, but if you aren’t prepared for it then you can almost guarantee that it will happen. To keep your business running smoothly without facing starving artist months you need to be prepared and have the marketing plans already in action that will allow your business to sail smoothly through to the other side.

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