Social media sounds like it should be a safe place where you can vent your opinions and not get in trouble for it. Well, regardless of how it sounds it just isn’t true. You may have a tiny bit more freedom when it comes to your personal profiles, the rules to social media posting still hold true, and on your professional profiles it is even more crucial to keep it clean.

So what does keeping it clean mean on social media? There is the obvious which is no swearing. But according to Tonya Nelson’s article it goes much deeper. Wait until the cleanup is complete from disasters before you even attempt to make a joke about a tragedy. Even then it is generally better to just never joke about it as there will always be people who will take offense. Just don’t ever use your status update to rant about ANYTHING. Keep it professional. Remember that everyone reading what you say is human, and they expect you to maintain neutral ground and not attack them.

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