By now you have worked with enough people to realize that no two people are alike. This creates problems when communicating and marketing to people as you can often feel lost at how to get through to them to explain how your wedding product or service will meet their needs.

group of people on a laptop over a white background

People can be broken down into four different personality types, and if you get a feel for what those types are and how you can communicate with them you will be way ahead of most wedding businesses. Jonathan Farrington gives an easy overview of the four personality types and how to communicate with them in his blog.

There are the drivers who are task oriented: to communicate with them you need to quickly explain the product/service and how it works. Then there are expressive who need connection, personal stories, and summaries of what you offer. Next there are the amiables with whom you want to work with as a team and give them security. And finally there are the analytics with whom you need to stick to the specifics, and  use logic while avoiding overselling yourself.

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